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“I want every woman to know that being fashionable is just as much about confidence as it is about style.”

— Sarah Tripp, @sassyredlipstick

hi! i’m sarah tripp. thanks so much for stopping by! here’s a little about me:

i started Sassy Red Lipstick in 2013 to express my love of fashion and share my self-love journey. i had always wanted to start a fashion blog, but was never quite sure how to make it happen. after returning home from a summer internship in Manhattan and feeling super inspired, my boyfriend-now-husband Robbie finally gave me the push {and tech know-how} i needed to pursue my lifelong goal of making fashion a career. we started this blog when we were just two college kids in love… fast forward to today and we feel so lucky to have made it a reality!

Sassy Red Lipstick has become a place where i express my creativity and sense of style, while also reminding women that they don’t have to be a size 2 to be chic. as you’ll see, the topics i’m most passionate about here on SRL are all about body positivity and honoring your curves. i want all my readers to know that body confidence is the sexiest attribute a woman can have. i’m a firm believer that once you learn to love your body, it’ll love you right back.

some quick facts you need to know about me: i’m obsessed with lipstick, the color pink, and leopard print. i like pointy shoes, gold details, bold pops of red, and flowy dresses. nordstrom is my mothership. i love to travel, i am happiest in a swimsuit on the beach, and i’m a huge harry potter fan.

My Story


i am a born and raised Las Vegas girl, and i love my hometown so much. i grew up going to UNLV Rebel basketball games with my dad and throughout high school i worked at Nordstrom in the Fashion Show Mall in downtown Vegas. i played volleyball and was very active in student government. i loved growing up in a city where there was always something fun to do. and of course, great shopping.

in 2010, i moved to Utah to attend college. i majored in Communications and got accepted into the Advertising program where i worked as a senior account manager in the student run ad lab that worked on campaigns with real clients. the summer before my senior year, i moved to Manhattan and interned at a fashion-focused ad agency where i got to work directly with clients like Stuart Weitzman & David Yurman. i graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising in 2013.

Becoming Mrs. Tripp


Robbie Tripp came into my life so unexpectedly, but isn’t that the best kind of love? we knew of each other through mutual friends in Vegas & followed each other on social media long before we ever met in person. eventually we started commenting on each others’ Instagram for several months before finally exchanging phone numbers. soon after we began FaceTiming every night and having deep conversations about everything under the sun. this was in the final weeks of my junior year in college and Robbie was attending a junior college in central California where he was playing basketball. after talking and texting for months, he finally decided to fly out to Vegas to spend a week with me. our first date was on May 10th, 2013, and at the end of that week he asked me to be his girlfriend.

i was just about to move to NYC for my summer internship, so we dated long distance for three long months. we continued to develop our relationship over handwritten letters, flirty text messages, and late night FaceTime calls. when i went back to Utah for my final year of college, Robbie decided to transfer to school in Utah as well so we could continue dating. eventually we got engaged, and ended up getting married exactly one year to the day of our first date: May 10th, 2014. {click here to see our wedding day!}

Robbie is the most passionate, ambitious, and creative person i’ve ever met & he has helped me grow in so many ways. i love being Robbie Tripp’s wife. can’t wait to spend forever with this guy.

San Francisco


moving to San Francisco was the best decision we’ve ever made together. we love the energy of this incredibly unique and diverse city. Robbie is always working on a new creative endeavor {watch his TEDx talk and check out his book!}, while also continuing to partner with me in running Sassy Red Lipstick. it’s so fun to work side by side on building SRL into what we’ve always dreamed for it and celebrating each and every success together. we spend our weekdays working on our laptops and hustling to make our dreams a reality. i feel like i’m constantly running around the city to events and meetings, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. on weekends we like to try new places to eat here in SF, go to the local indie movie theater, and travel to new places as much as we can! it’s so fun to do life together here in our cute little home in San Francisco & we are loving every minute of it.


if you have any questions about me or anything else you’ve read here, feel free to email me or direct message me on social media! i love meeting new people and am always grateful for those of you who follow along here on SRL! i truly couldn’t do this without you and i appreciate each and every one of you.




where are you based?

san francisco! i love living here in the city because it’s never dull. there’s always fun things to do, new places to eat, and new sites to see. {plus, there’s an endless amount of cute pink houses here so it’s perfect for me.} i get asked for my recommendations all the time so if you’re coming to visit, definitely check out my Ultimate San Francisco Travel Guide!

where did the name ‘sassy red lipstick’ come from?

growing up, my mom always called me ‘Sassafras’, her quirky spin on my name. also, being sassy has been a prominent personality trait of mine since i was a little girl. my love for bold red lipstick began my freshmen year of college; i loved how confident it made me feel and i realized i could really pull off the look. i had to start a blog for a class that year and the name just came to me, two things that make me who i am: being sassy and rocking lipstick.

why did you start a fashion blog?

i’ve always loved fashion. i look to trends for inspiration but i definitely like to be unique and showcase my own style. i’ve read fashion blogs for years and had always wanted to start my own. two summers ago, i lived in New York City as an advertising intern one summer in college and it was there that i first really began thinking about starting my own fashion blog. when i returned home, my supportive boyfriend-now-husband Robbie gave me the push i needed to chase my dreams. i’m so glad i made the decision to take that first step because it’s led to so many wonderful things since.

do you have any tips for me and my blog?

this is probably the most popular question i receive, so i wrote a whole post on my Top Five Tips for New Bloggers.

what kind of camera do you use and who takes your pictures?

Robbie shoots me using our Nikon D5500 with a 35mm lens. he edits our photos using Adobe Lightroom. i also occasionally shoot with different photographers, who you can see tagged in each post.

when i’m traveling to certain cities i have some favorites i like to work with: Chantel Marie in Portland, Samantha Looney or Rose Swain in LA, Laurel Creative in New York, Haley Nord in Utah, and Audrey Coons in Arizona.

i’m always open to working with new photographers so shoot me an email at if interested!

where can i find more info about your wedding?

may 10th, 2014 was the best day of my life. you can see all the photos, watch video, and read about our special day from this post: Our Wedding Day. i linked all the vendors at the bottom of the post, along with links to our formals and engagement posts.

what extensions do you wear?

i’ve been extension-free for over a year now! it’s been a long hair journey and it feels so good to naturally have the length and volume i always wanted. for those of you who still want my reccomendations: i used to wear clip-in extensions from Laced Hair Extensions in the #1b color. i’ve worn a halo from Hidden Crown Hair Extensions in the Dark Brown {2} in the 20″ and loved how easy & convenient this option was! i have also worn Bellami hair extensions! i had the Dirty Blonde 22″ & later the Ash Blonde 20″ color. make sure you have this brand thinned before wearing, however, otherwise they are super heavy.

what’s your biggest style tip?

i believe there’s a difference between wearing trends and being trendy. wearing trends is just wearing something because it’s “in,” whereas being trendy is being aware of what looks fit your personality and body type. if you aren’t comfortable with a certain trend or you feel it’s not super flattering, don’t wear it just because it’s popular. being comfortable in your own skin clothes shines through and radiates confidence. knowing how to dress for your body type is one of the biggest characteristics of a girl with great style.

what’s your natural hair color?

believe it or not, despite my darker features, i’m actually a natural (dirty) blonde! i first dyed my hair brunette my freshmen year of college and loved it because it made my dark eyes and brows really pop. i’ve since experimented with ombré & gone back to blonde but it seems i always end up back at brunette and i think i’ve found my look.